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Fair trade : 

Our aim at Tortue de Mer is to achieve a sensible environmental, ethical and sustainable position. Tortue de Mer garments are made by fair trade labour working in healthy conditions, where the rights and dignity of workers are respected.

Our suppliers are family run enterprises known to us personally, committed to fair trade principles and to the elimination of pollutants from the manufacturing process.

The Kalyan family, for example, supplies us from their small factory in northern India. The family cuts and stitches the garments which are then distributed to over 150 village women to embroider at home. In 1991 the Kalyan family founded the Jan Kalya Charity Hospital with the proceeds of their enterprise. The hospital has expanded to 36 beds, open to anyone regardless of cast or creed.

Voahangy, who supplies us from Madagascar is another example. She started her garment making business over ten years ago in a small building with only one employee. Now Voahangy employs more than 100 women in a bright modern factory. Alongside the factory Voahangy has built, equipped and staffed a school for the children of her workers, paid for and supported by the success of her business. The school fulfills Voahangy's fundamental belief that education is the only long term solution to poverty.

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